What to expect when taking the Certified Medical Examiner’s Test

The Certified Medical Examiner’s test is held at a testing facility. The testing facility I used was located in Burbank, CA. They were handling about 50 different examinations from RN’s to real-estate brokers. You will be sitting in a cubicle and taking the test on a computer. There are 120 test questions. You will be graded on 100 test questions as 20 questions are randomly thrown-out. Your test results are given immediately upon completion. You have 2 hours and need a score of 70% to pass.  The person at the testing center told me that this was their most difficult examination.  That’s because 60% of the test questions require  critical thinking. Be careful, read the questions very carefully because they can be tricky. For instance, a question regarding an issue with the heart does not always require referral to a cardiologist.  Alerting the drivers PCP may be a better answer.

I formulated 300 multiple choice practice test questions and answers to help you prepare for this exam.  The practice test questions and answers also come with a “quick reference guide”.  This 50 page document can be immediately downloaded into your computer.  I passed this test and so can you.

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Good Luck!

Dr. Brian T. Donley