You will find that the majority of the questions require critical thinking. While in the process of critical thinking, your thoughts should be reasoned and well thought out/judged.  Read the answers before reading the questions.  This will give your mind an edge to select the correct answer.  If you get stuck, write the question number down and revisit it later.  Some of the questions and answers are tricky so be careful and read them twice.  Always select the answer that is in the best interest of the driver’s health and safety.  For an example, I remember a question that asked if you find a driver in Stage II hypertension what should the medical examiner do.  One of the answers said “disqualify the driver.”  Another answer said “the medical examiner should retake the blood pressure and refer him to his primary care physician.”   Both answers are correct however in the interest of the driver’s health, he should be referred to his primary care physician.      

I formulated 300 multiple choice practice test questions and answers to help you prepare for this exam.  The practice test questions and answers also come with a “quick reference guide”.  This 50 page document can be immediately downloaded into your computer.  I passed this test and so can you!

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