Medical Examiner Certification is valid for 10 years

Once a medical professional is certified as a DOT Certified Medical Examiner, their certification is valid for 10 years. However, the current standard also requires that those who are certified get periodic training every 5 years. Because the certification is for 10 years, doctors and other medical professionals who are certified will need to renew their certification by taking a new test every 10 years.

The test itself is very difficult. To help make studying easier, I formulated 300 multiple choice practice test questions. The test questions and answers also come with a “quick reference guide”.  If you know these test questions and answers, you should pass this test!  This is a 50 page document that can be immediately downloaded into your computer.  Rewards and opportunity will come your way when you pass, so get started today!

For my 300 practice test questions and answers and “quick reference guide”

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Dr. Brian T. Donley